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Customized Logistics Solutions

Customized Logistics Solutions

More than just a supplier of hundreds of thousands of brand name products, Noble also provides customized logistics solutions to meet the unique requirements of the warfighter

Our customers turn to Noble for regular purchases, knowing they can rely on same-day shipping, product expertise, and next-day delivery. The Noble Team of experienced supply chain managers has been building our supply chain for 32 years. Through our nationwide distribution network, we stock over 700,000 items that include Industrial and MRO supplies, Military and Tactical Gear, Office Products and Food Service Equipment, Appliances and Electronics, Ship and Marine Supplies, and Building and Construction Material. The supply chain consists of over 11,000 of the most recognized brands in the world. From hand tools, buckets and paints to paper clips, desert boots, and dishwashers, Noble saves you time and keeps you within budget.

Global Distribution
From one package to a full cargo plane, Noble quickly and dependably moves supplies to remote locations worldwide using our complex network of warehousing facilities and proven global carrier partners.

Inventory Management
With warehouses around the world, Noble manages complex inventories to meet your requirements – from instant responses to natural disasters to regular shipments of tools and operational supplies. Our automated processes include barcoding and scanning, end-to-end inventory planning and replenishment, and total asset visibility from order to delivery. Noble’s experienced logisticians follow our ISO-certified processes to manage shipments, schedule transportation and delivery, and forecast and replenish inventories. Your mission is our priority.

Kitting and Assembly
From tools for airplane maintenance to emergency supplies for FEMA, Noble builds customized kits, to make our customer’s repetitive tasks more efficient. Whether it’s 10 or 10,000 kits, we work with our customers to design and assemble specialty equipment packages that meet varied and complex requirements. Noble is your reliable source for mission critical kitting and assembly needs.
Transportation Services
Noble delivers material on every continent using our network of proven carriers for land, air, sea, and rail transportation. Our global logistics “spend” drives down costs, and we pass those savings on to our customers. Using strategically located distribution centers in the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East, Noble specializes in delivering to war zones, natural disaster sites, and military bases around the world. Noble arranges convoys, communicates with our transportation partners, and provides total asset visibility from point of order until proof of delivery. We’ll get it there…anywhere.
Technology-based Solutions
ALPHA, Noble’s proprietary cloud-based software, streamlines the purchasing process and provides real-time access to inventory availability, order status, and transit visibility. Whether at home or in theater, our customers log in to order products, track purchases, and receive customer support. Together with a proven logistics network, a team of experienced logisticians, and mission-tested support, Noble is your complete logistics solution.

For more information, call 877-999-1911 or email CustomerSupport@NobleSupply.com.