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Combat Logistics Support

Combat Logistics Support

Whether at home or in theater, Noble delivers all your mission-critical supplies on time, every time!

Noble’s integrated, turnkey solutions ensure a continuous supply of parts and materials, reduced inventory, cost savings, asset visibility, enhanced forecasting capabilities, and materials sustainment. Our proprietary procurement, inventory, warehouse management, tracking, customer support, and reporting systems keep you prepared, functional, and efficient whether at the battlefield, your office, or a project site. With hundreds of thousands of suppliers and products that meet the government’s procurement requirements, we deliver what our customers need when they need it:

  • Tailored support from single-item ordering to distribution and delivery
  • Complete customer service, including providing product expertise, building bills of materials, and tracking your orders
  • Huge product line offering everything from small hand tools to large prefabricated structures
  • Expertise handling hazmat-related chemicals and their related regulatory, safety and maintenance requirements

Noble offers our customers end-to-end support for the entire procurement and logistics cycle:

  • Lower cost for MRO products, special orders, and customer service
  • Easy ordering, quick confirmation, and on-time delivery
  • Full visibility into orders, tracking, billing, and reporting
  • Fully automated ordering, inventory, warehouse management, customer service, and reporting system
  • Cost-effective MRO procurement and supply-chain management systems
  • Automated inventory demand planning and forecasting

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