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Noble’s Sustainability Policy


Noble Supply & Logistics is committed to reducing our carbon footprint throughout all aspects of our business. From holding our vendors responsible for recycling programs and coordinating transportation to conserve fuel, our team works to find solutions that are better for our customers and better for our planet.
Noble’s environmental management system provides integrated supply, procurement, and logistics solutions to government and businesses, worldwide. Just a few of our efforts include:

  • Complying with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations, and requirements in all Noble facilities
  • Making recycling waste material easy with conveniently located recycle receptacles
  • Reducing the amount of waste material produced in offices, warehouses, and storefronts
  • Increasing paperless options, including online RFQ submittals, vendor invoicing, and direct payments
  • Recycling equipment, including donating computers and printers to local schools and other non-profit organizations
  • Reducing energy consumption in all facilities by using low energy light bulbs and automatic lighting
  • Using vendor-provided recycling programs for printer cartridges, batteries, and other items
  • Committing to using and offering our customers environmentally friendly products such as products made with recycled paper
  • Curtailing unnecessary travel by using instant messaging, video and audio conferencing, telephone, or email when it serves the purpose

In conjunction with our ISO 14001:2004 certification, Noble’s Sustainability Team participates in on-site audits to verify all requirements are fulfilled. We partner with key suppliers to offer environmentally friendly products, host an annual Green Day at our corporate HQ where manufacturers of green products demonstrate new products, and we host Vendor Days at our locations across the country where we introduce environmentally friendly projects to our customers and introduce them to the market through our large global foot print. In our catalogs and online, we denote which products are “Green” with specialty icons and report on the usage of these products quarterly to support our customers’ Green initiatives. Noble carries thousands of items that meet these requirements, spanning Energy Star, Biodegradable, Recycled, and Renewable, Energy Efficient categories.