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U.S. Coast Guard Small Boats Parts Program

USCG Small Boats Parts Programs


The U.S. Coast Guard maintains a fleet of a wide variety of vessels, including motor life, utility, rescue, and security boats. Keeping them in the water to defend our shores, perform life-saving rescue operations, and stop illegal drug trade is vital to the Nations’ security. Noble supports the USCG by supplying both routine and hard-to-find parts for the entire Small Boat Fleet, including:

  • Rapid order filling and delivery of complete boat parts orders to meet our customer’s tight schedules
  • An inventory of all required repair parts for each Small Boat craft
  • Customer service, including support with product expertise, building orders, meeting shipping requirements, and tracking orders
  • Volume discounts from thousands of manufacturers and a proven logistics infrastructure
  • Inventory management that ensures fast moving parts are ready to ship same day
  • Streamlined acquisition process to onboard new suppliers quickly
  • Reduced logistics response time


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