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DLA TLS Program

DLA TLS MRO Programs

DLA’s customers are supporting ongoing war efforts and reacting to deployments and emergencies around the world. Reliably receiving a wide range of MRO products when and where they are needed is vital to the success of the warfighter’s mission. Noble meets DLA customer deadlines with shipments to remote locations, an experienced team of procurement specialists and logisticians, a global distribution network to provide alternate shipping lanes and carriers, and in-theater supply chains and distribution facilities.

Noble supports our DLA customers with MRO materials and support services in hard-to-find places. Our established partnerships with in-country logistics providers, proven security escorts, and established access on military and government installations mean we can get any size order to our customers anywhere.

Through DLA’s TLS Program, Noble offers a wide variety of MRO products:

Assorted Fixtures • Lubricating Products • Conduits • Lumber • Chemicals • Paint/Paint Supplies •Electrical Supplies • Plumbing •Hardware • Prefabricated Structures • HVAC/Refrigeration • Rubber Products • Landscape/Ground Supplies • Variety of Small Tools • Communication devices• Construction supplies (bricks, blocks, steel, aluminum, and other metal products) • Other commercial supplies required

Noble responds to routine orders by relying on our US supply chain and volume discounts to get the lowest priced items to our troops quickly. When our customers require urgent materials, we turn to local suppliers in the region. By establishing relationships, supplier agreements, and inventory arrangements with local businesses, we offer an immediate response to hundreds of customers. Additionally, we offer our CONUS and OCONUS customers multiple benefits for quickly receiving the products they need at the prices they want:

  • Build bills of materials (BOMs) at regional consolidation centers and deliver complete orders with quick turnaround
  • Offer a wide variety of brand name products support customer preferences
  • Provide customer support and service, including giving product expertise, building orders, meeting shipping requirements, and tracking orders
  • Leverage our buying power to offer volume discounts from thousands of manufacturers and logistics companies
  • Manage inventories by working with manufacturers to ensure products are ready when we need them
  • Streamline acquisition to onboard new suppliers quickly, offering our customers the products they want not just the products we happen to have
  • Reduce logistics response time through volume-based relationships with domestic and international partners, ensuring quick delivery to even the most remote locations


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