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Alpha means full-featured ordering and reporting.

ALPHA, Noble’s web-based ordering and purchasing system, is a full-featured web-based inventory procurement and e-commerce solution. ALPHA offers advanced search and navigation, multiple payment options, product comparison and reviews, spot buy RFQ requests, contract pricing, complete order history, and real-time shipment status. Fully integrated with Government systems, ALPHA was designed and built with the latest technology comparable to other large e-commerce platforms. Our customers view real-time total asset visibility, submit RFQs electronically, and run reports ranging from open orders to order history to shipping status when they need them.

Customer Relationship Management

You receive comprehensive customer service when you call Noble or log in to the system. With all data recorded and maintained in one place, your order history includes status, tracking numbers, and proof of delivery. ALPHA makes product suggestions based on historical data and maintains a record of any customer service issues, including returns, calls, questions, warranties, faxes, and emails.


No waiting for “books to close” to get financial data. Our customers receive a quick response to order increases, surges in capital-intensive equipment, and an immediately adjusted cash flow. ALPHA delivers accounts payable and receivable, forecasting, operating costs, and cash flow data when you need it.

Warehouse Management System

Fast and efficient order fulfillment eliminates stock outs, reduces special order backorders, and ensures on-time deliveries and pickups. ALPHA gives our customers access to real-time inventory levels, delivery schedules, and bill-of-material tracking. Wireless barcoding and scanning streamline restocking, serial and lot number tracking, and demand-based inventory reordering.


Noble offers multiple payment methods, customer-specific pricing, automated RFP submissions, and competitor part number cross-reference tool. You can establish order routing for approvals, build your order and save wish lists, track your order in real-time, and perform advanced search and navigation. ALPHA’s system security includes government or military address requirements.

Analytics and Reporting

Reduce the time spent on paperwork and increase reporting accuracy with current statistics. Our responsive system prints customized real-time reports based on any data request and offers access to key financial measures, such as sales, inventory, pending orders, and activity-specific invoices.

Order & Billing Management

ALPHA’s automated and streamlined order processing includes reduced errors through automated order entry, integration with government systems, and detailed invoicing. All costs per transaction are tied to the invoice for easy reporting. ALPHA captures Level III transaction data, provides backorder status and notification, and delivers real-time price updates.

ALPHA is a proven web-based ordering and delivery system with an integrated structure to fulfill product orders on-time, every time. You can trust ALPHA to document, track, and back up your orders.

Product Information Management

Clear, concise, accurate marketing data is distributed via catalogs, e-commerce, and brochures–all available with current pricing to support easier, quicker, better buying decisions. Noble provides marketing and catalog content, pricing, MSDSs, product specifications, country of origin listings, Trade Agreement compliance, and information on obsolete parts, specialty catalogs, and competitor pricing for more than 700,000 products and 11,000 vendors.

Vendor Relationship Management

Our customers get exactly what they want instead of what we happen to have. We integrate with our vendors via EDI, which automates our purchasing process and eliminates key stroke errors. ALPHA produces advance ship notices to facilitate scheduling receiving material, streamlines the process for quickly for adding new vendors, and provides vendor performance ratings.

100% Cloud Based Operating System

ALPHA guarantees our customers 99.5% uptime with a redundant off-site backup to ensure no lost data. Our system remains operational in the face of natural disaster and is backed up in real time on three independent servers in different locations. With access anywhere, anytime, our customers need no specific software on their computers – just an internet connection.

ALPHA’s 100% Cloud Based Operating System guarantees our customers 99.5% uptime with a redundant off-site backup to ensure no lost data.