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Who We Are

Noble Mission, Vision, and Values


Noble Mission, Vision, and ValuesRIMPAC 2014

Our Mission, Vision, and Values remain crystal clear.

Our Mission:

Noble’s mission is to be our customers trusted source for all mission critical supply and logistic support.

Our Vision:

Saving Tax Payer dollars on Every Order, Every Shipment, Every Time!


Noble’s core values govern how we treat our customers, our colleagues, our suppliers, and our community. We believe in our mission and hold ourselves to our vision but how we achieve success is in how we behave to those around us. The Noble Team works to demonstrate our integrity in each transaction.

  • We Are Responsible
    We take responsibility for our actions and work to find solutions for our customers and for each other. If an order is lost or a supplier fails to ship or a customer isn’t satisfied, the Noble Team is responsible and we work together to make it right.
  • We Are A Team
    At Noble, we work together to do the right thing. Working in an open, fair, and honest environment, results in better ideas, better solutions, and better people. We extend that attitude and way of doing business to our customers and suppliers.
  • We Are A Community
    We value our employees, customers, and surrounding communities and their diversity of experiences, abilities, perspectives, and priorities. Noble gives to the dozens of communities where we work and live by treating people and their cultures with respect, honesty, and interest.
  • We Make A Difference
    Noble cares about our customers and as a team, we work every day to make a difference. Whether it’s a lower price or a faster truck or a better product, we are successful when we have made our customers successful.